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Gran Canaria December Holidays

Holidays / December 16, 2017

What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Gran Canaria for a Golf Holiday?

Gran Canaria is of volcanic origin and round of shape. Although the Island enjoys a rich variety of climates it can often be said that day times will stay around 26 degrees Celsius in the summer and 20 degrees Celsius in the winter, evening lows below 10 degrees Celsius are very rare. November and December see an elevated chance of rain but even then, the percentage of this is low.

When Will I Get the Best Value Golf Holiday in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is ever increasing in its popularity as a golf holiday destinations. Avoiding June to September would give any golfer the best chance to enjoy their game without the additional heat and expense. For the best value for money a golf holiday here would be in the months of:
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • November
  • December

The most expensive months to play golf in Gran Canaria are:

  • January
  • February
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Gran Canaria?

December to February can be considered as high season even though they are winter months. This is due to Gran Canaria being affectionally known as the 'island of eternal spring'. This said, air fares are more appealing between November and mid-December, also from March to May with not including Easter.

What are the Best Golf Courses in Gran Canaria?

The Best Golf Courses in Gran Canaria are listed below. For more information on each of these courses please click on the course name to be taken to a detailed information page where you can also request and book Tee Times

What are the Best Golf Resorts in Gran Canaria?

A true and tested method for calculating what would be considered as the Best Golf Resorts in Gran Canaria is, to combine the range of quality accommodation available paired with the finest surrounding golf courses. Having cross referenced this information, here are our favorite Golf Resorts in Gran Canaria are:

Are there Any Golf and Spa Resorts in Gran Canaria?

The beautiful island of Gran Canaria is no stranger to welcoming people here to relax. Now with golf holidays being ever-increasing popularity, this island has made sure they offer the very best of both experiences. Not only this but they have gone one better to incorporate a spa too. This not only satisfies any golfer in their endeavour to unwind but and non-golfing companion too.

How to Find a Cheap Golf Holiday in Gran Canaria?

As a nation, we are always looking out for the best offers and how to combine what we love to do, with the best possible price of doing it. Golf holidays are certainly no exception to this rule. To this end the best guide we can give is that of when the best weather meets the cheapest time of year in Gran Canaira. As we already disclosed, great golf can be found here all year around but you may wish to avoid the wetter months of November and December and the peak priced months of July and August. Other than that, the choice it yours.

What are the Most Upmarket Regions in Gran Canaria?

As the oldest town on the south coast of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is famed for its stunning coastline of sand dunes, beaches and shallow waters. The resort itself here is very upmarket with luxury homes, hotels and of course, the largest golf course on the island.

What are the Best Regions for Nightlife in Gran Canaria?

Heading to the harbour in Puerto Morgan or the beach in Meloneras would give you the idyllic views and a chance to catch a laid-back evening. Here you will find a plethora of cafes bars and restaurants offering the best there is of Gran Canarian cuisine. Failing that there is always the option of theatre at Garbos in Bahia Feliz, which also offers themed evenings so you can enjoy cabaret from the fifties, sixties and seventies while dining on a three-course meal.

Are there Any All-Inclusive Golf Resorts in Gran Canaria?

Bungalows Mirafor Suites is the place to go if you would like to take the worry away of were to dine each day. Here an all-inclusive deal can send you on your way to golfing bliss, as all you need to think about is perfecting your game.

How Much Will the Airline Charge me to Take My Golf Clubs to Gran Canaria?

Depending on which airline you are flying with, taking your golf clubs with you can be an expensive business. Most ‘Budget’ airlines charge between £60 - £100 for golf club carriage.
  • Norwegian Air International - £24 - £28 (online) £33 - £43 GBP (airport) per flight
  • Air Europa – Free if classed as your number of allowed bags with no additional weight (some charges may occur if heavy or additional pieces are involved)
  • Brussels airlines – 45 Euro per flight for a one golf bag
  • KLM - You may take one golf bag instead of a suitcase
  • Iberia 45 euro
  • British Airways £0
  • Vueling Airlines 45 euro each way
  • Thomson Airways - Asked to be advised at least 2 months prior to travel 0203 451 2695 of any sporting equipment as if it is not pre-booked, they may refuse to carry it.
  • Aer Lingus - One Golf Bag per traveller
  • Air France – No extra charge, if classed as your baggage allowance

Should I take My Golf Clubs or Hire Them When I Get to Gran Canaria?

As you can see, from the comprehensive list of airlines that will indeed take your golf clubs abroad, this is most definitely an option to consider. However, taking a closer look into the situation, this does involve compromising your amount of luggage. So, setting aside for a moment any additional charge or risk of loss or damage, it does often mean forfeiting a suitcase for your journey. At the end of the day the decision is a personal one, but here we have shown you the facts.

Source: www.golfinggetaways.com