August Weather Averages for Amadores, Canary Islands

Weather Amadores Gran Canaria

Weather / December 10, 2017

The warm, incredibly dry climate does a lot to help tourism in Amadores, with a small chance of rain and very little variation in temperature regardless of summer or winter status. This means tourists come here all year round to soak up the sunshine, relax on the resort’s beautiful beaches and swim in the crystal clear blue sea. The resort is built around the main beach, Playa de Amadores, a large and protected bay with an 800 metre stretch of golden sand.

Small in size, Amadores is particularly popular with those who want peace and quiet, a laid-back holiday resort, and for families seeking a base away from the hustle and bustle of many other run of the mill holiday resorts. You won’t find a huge nightlife scene here; instead, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and a range of family-friendly hotels, cafés and restaurants. It’s also a favourite choice for couples looking for a romantic break.

Because there is so little change in weather, Amadores really only has a summer or a winter, with no transitional spring or autumn period as with many other countries. The only downside is that due to the proximity of the Canary Islands to Africa, they can sometimes be in line to receive what is called ‘sirocco’. This hot and humid wind carries sand from the Sahara and can cause some changes in the weather. When it occurs, you may experience a spike in temperatures, which can push up into the 20°Cs in winter, and the 30°Cs in summer. As you would expect, these winds also increase humidity levels in the area.